Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Signet Classics)Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson and it had an excellent plot. The main reason the plot was so good is because this was a mystery, and I LOVE mysteries.

Dr. Jekyll started out as a good guy, but he had a vicious desire to do evil.

Before I continue with the rest of the review, I want to see if my readers could guess, ‘what was wrong with Jekyll wanting to live more than one life?’ If you guess the right answer, I’ll continue on with this story. If you don’t guess the right answer, I’ll still continue with the story……..

The answer to the above question:  He should have been content with himself.

 Dr. Jekyll was a scientist, and he concocted a mixture  to change himself into a different person.  When he drank this mixture, he became Mr. Hyde (his murderous alter ego).

Mr. Hyde was very different from Dr. Jekyll  because he was able to kill people and commit hideous crimes without feeling bad about them.  He thought that when he would commit a crime or do something wrong, he could switch back to his normal self (the respected Dr. Jekyll) and no one could find him.  Soon, Mr. Hyde started to take over Dr. Jekyll.  When ever Jekyll would go to bed or take a nap, he would automatically change in to Mr. Hyde.  The character of  Mr. Hyde was becoming so strong that it eventually overpowered Dr. Jekyll.

What I got from this book:  When you become addicted to a certain sin,  you have to do that sin constantly.  When you try to stop – it becomes stronger and stronger, and it eventually can take over your life.  This book is great for all ages, because all people suffer with overcoming certain sins.  I think that it will help them to see what happens to people who let sin overtake their lives. They will end up dying spiritually and sometimes physically.

I would rate this book a 10 out of 10 because  1) I love mysteries and  2) It had a great plot.


The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

The book “The Invisible Man” was written by H.G. Wells.  This book had 1 major plot – Anger and Revenge.

The main character in this book was a scientist named Jack Griffin.  Jack happened to be invisible because of the result of one of his experiments gone rogue.  He had a serious problem with anger, because he often was frustrated with himself for being invisible and having to live with the imperfections that went with it.  That anger would result in turning over furniture, breaking glass bottles and fragile items, and eventually killing an innocent man and a police officer.  Instead of Jack Griffin using his invisible state for good, he realized that he could use it to hurt people, steal, and take advantage of them.

He was not able to wear clothing at times because he was running away from the police, and did not want others to see him.  The result of Jack wearing no clothes caused him to constantly be sick and sneeze a lot, alerting those around him.

He also couldn’t eat food because people would see the food when it was being digested in his stomach.  Because of this he would eat every 3 days, and often found himself starving to death.

The weather was a great problem to The Invisible Man as well, because every time it would rain or snow, or if it would be foggy outside, people could see the outline of his shape and his footprints.  That would cause children and dogs to start chasing after him in the street.  Since he couldn’t wear shoes, he would end up getting sick again.

Overall, this book was very interesting because it showed how one man’s problems and frustrations led to destruction for many other people.  When one has an advantage over others it doesn’t mean that they should become lawless and get away with it. 

I would rate this book a 9 out of 10.

Elsie Dinsmore(Book 3)

Elsie's New Life, Book 3

In Book 3, Elsie is 15 turning 16 years old.  Her father, Horace, (who is now saved) has gotten married to Elsie’s former maid, named Rose.  Elsie was living in the Oaks with her mother (Rose) and father for a few years when Rose had a baby.  Elsie was given the opportunity to name him, so she named him Trip.

A few months before Elsie’s birthday, she was invited to her friend’s (Lucy and Herbert) house for a week to attend their birthday party.  When Elsie asked her strict father if she could go, he actually said “yes”.  When she got there, Lucy’s twin Herbert was so glad to see her, for he had missed her tremendously.

A few days after Lucy and Herbert’s birthday party, Herbert asked Elsie to take a walk with him, and she agreed.  They set out into the night on an evening stroll.  After a while Herbert sat Elsie down and told her that he liked her very much, but when he explained to her what he meant, she was very surprised.  He asked Elsie if she would be his wife. Elsie told him he would have to ask her father for his permission, so Herbert wrote a letter to her father.  As soon as Horace received the letter, he made Elsie come home immediately!!!

Elsie’s father did not allow her to get married to Herbert for two reasons.  1) He was very sickly, and had a bad hip condition.  2) Elsie was only 15 years old.

A few months later, Elsie received a letter from Herbert’s older brother saying that Herbert had died in his sleep.  Herbert’s brother also mentioned that when Herbert was dying he said, “If I were Elsie’s father, I would have made the same decision in not allowing her to marry me.”

Overall, this was a very, very, very good book.  I would rate it a 10 out of 10.  It had a superb plot, and for once, Elsie did not cry a lot, except when Herbert died.

George Muller

Product DetailsWhen George Muller was a teenager he was a very rebellious kid.  No one could make him obey (not even his father).  Here are 3 examples of his bad behavior: 1) George had spent the night at a rich hotel, but the only problem was that he was broke.  In the morning instead of paying, he jumped through a window  and ran away.  The police were right there, so George spent his Christmas behind bars.  2) George’s father, Johann Muller, set some money on his desk, and left the room to see if George would steal from him.  When he came back, some of the coins were missing.  George lied that he hadn’t taken the money.  The result was a beating.  3)  When college was almost over, George owed his friends money, so he smashed the lock on his suitcase and pretended like he had been robbed. He told them he had no more money to pay them back.  They, of course, believed him, and started giving HIM money because they felt sorry for him.

Then George got saved in a wonderful way.  He changed and became completely opposite of the way he was as a teenager. His best character was faith, he believed God for everything (everything!!!!!).  It was amazing how God supplied all of his needs like: clothes, food, and wood for the fire.  George had a passion for the children of Bristol, so he wanted to open an orphanage.  The only problem was that he needed money.  That was soon taken care of.  People started donating large sums of money to him to build an orphanage.  God even supplied the workers!!!

I would rate this book a 7 out of 10.  Why?  Because it didn’t have that much action or humor in it.  I liked it because it showed how strong George Muller’s faith was in all parts of life.  If you are a person who has a hard time believing God for stuff you should definitely read this book. It will help.

Elsie Dinsmore (Book 1)

Elsie Dinsmore was an 8-year-old girl who was a Christian and loved God.  When Elsie was a few months old, her mother died, and her father had been sent away to college in England and had never got see his daughter.  

Elsie was often persecuted by her aunts, uncles, grandparents, and teachers. One example of this was when Mrs.Day, her teacher, told her and the rest of the class that they had to finish their schoolwork and have their lessons recited perfectly if they wanted to go to the fair. Elsie never got to go to the fair, because one of her young relatives kept picking on her, and Mrs. Day made her stay back.  The whole time Elsie was trying to remain patient, but it was very hard.

 A few months later Elsie’s father came home for the first time since she was born.  At dinner, he would not let her eat any sweet foods. She could only drink milk and water, and eat cold breads, but she still loved him. She was a very obedient girl, even though her father was very strict with her and quick to punish her.  

I would give this book a 6 out of 10, because it had a good theme, and the characters were expressive. What I didn’t like about the book was that Elsie was too emotional.  She was always crying, and never defended herself.